Friday, March 07, 2008

What's Your Favorite Easter Candy?

This blog is so serious all the time! The last person to comment made a joke about the Easter bunny, which got me thinking about candy. Thank you, Anonymous poster, for causing me to lighten up on this blog for a moment. So here's a question for H-n-T readers:

What's your favorite Easter candy?

I LOVE Peeps. Love them. I don't eat them year-round, though it seems they're available almost every season these days. Which is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. They are solely my special Easter treat. And yes, I do eat all 15 by myself. My mom still makes Easter baskets for me and my husband, and I tend to eat my husband's Peeps, too. I. Love. Peeps.

There's a Peeps-making machine, which I'm somewhat tempted to buy, except that "homemade" Peeps surely can't compare to those store-bought, cellophane-wrapped delights. And the machine costs $14.99. I could buy a whole lotta Peeps for 15 bucks.

(If I have a kid, they are getting this costume. In fact, I think some of my friends' kids will be getting this from Auntie Holly ... )

Please don't give me Peeps. Or Peeps-making machines. After eating close to 30 every Easter, I fall down, roll around on the ground, and beg for death. If I had access to more than two packages of Peeps, I surely would keel over. Peeps probably aren't very good for me. That's why they will remain solely my Easter treat.


LaTonya said...

You know, the Chicago Tribune is holding its annual peeps diorama contest--should still be up at

Anonymous said...

Oh my... Ditto to your whole post. I love Peeps.. but only for Easter.

Have you ever put one in hot chocolate, or made a smore with a Peep? If you Google Peeps, you will find zillions of web sites. They have even been in space!

Happy Easter!
Dawn W.
Salem, Oregon

Holly said...

Thanks for the tips, Dawn! I've never tried a Peeps "recipe"; making a s'more sounds like fun.