Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Partnership Made in Heaven?

Holly's latest blog entry on Today's Christian Woman magazine's website is now up:

A Partnership Made in Heaven
Should churches team up with secular groups for a cause they both value?

To ponder:
1) Do you think churches should or shouldn't team up with non-church groups? What evidence do you have for your opinion?

2) How would you respond to the hypothetical situations listed in the first paragraph of the blog? Why would you accept--or refuse--the donation in each case?

3) What are some issues that are debated in your church? (These might be anything from what flavor of ice cream to serve at church socials, to whether to remodel the sanctuary, to how much your pastors get paid.) How does your church reach a compromise, or at least, keep the peace?


LaTonya said...

I just want to affirm you for your use of the word "fisticuffs" in that entry. This writer has removed her hat to you, Lady.

Holly said...

LOL! I wondered if you would see that: It was totally, 100-percent a shout-out for you. (I wonder if readers know writers pull such stunts. I guess they do now.)

I once tried to see how many times I could get "Madonna" published in a newspaper I worked at--my best buddy from college was a big fan of the singer. Can't remember exactly, but it might have been three times in a year.

"Fisticuffs" would be hard to repeat, but maybe I could try "Earth, Wind, and Fire"--could use that in a few contexts! Or "Take 6" ... though you could make it easier on me by becoming a fan of "Take Five" instead:

"Back in a few, folks, I'm gonna take five ... "

"For the flan, first, take five eggs, then take five cups of sugar ... "

"Take five minutes everyday to appreciate the blessings in your life ... "

"They were all on the take--five of those senators, anyway ... "

"What does it take? What does it take??? Five small gestures, that's all I ask ... "

LaTonya said...

Oh, that's great. I had no idea that was just for me! Well, I feel special.

In a meeting at IYF, I once had Todd tally how many times I used the phrase "take heed" before anyone noticed.

No one noticed--I finally had to point it out to everyone.

Take heed, people.