Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Church Without Issues

Holly's latest blog entry on Today's Christian Woman magazine's website is now up:

A Church Without Issues
Which political or social issue should we rally around? Maybe none.

If you could pick one issue for the Christian church to represent, what would it be? Abortion or same-sex marriage? Environmental stewardship or poverty? Morality? ...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Journey from Fear to Faith: Christina DiMari profile

Holly's profile of Christian author Christina DiMari is now online:

Christina DiMari bolted up the stairs with her siblings, desperate to reach the safety of the family's third-floor bathroom. She laid down next to her three sisters and her brother, all of them trying to press their bodies flat against the cold bathroom floor. They listened for their father's thudding footsteps, terrified he would burst in with his gun and threaten to shoot them, as he often did when he was drunk. Violent noise drifted up from their living room two floors below: screams and swearing, the crash of breaking glass. Two gun shots. The children trembled. Was their mother dead? Would their dad kill them next?

Journey from Fear to Faith
Abused as a child, Ocean Star author Christina DiMari shares her troubled past in hope others will find healing.