Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quick 'Daniel' Update

From H:
Seems The Book of Daniel has its days numbered. Several NBC affiliates have pulled the show (all in the South and Midwest, particularly Kansas). Viewership has plummeted in just two weeks. And advertisers aren't signing up for the time slot. Meanwhile, others have yanked their ads.

Of greater interest to me is the way people are responding to the TV show. If you'd like an earful from angry Christians, plus tons of comments from people who are angry with Christians, check out the message board on NBC:

To ponder:
1) Check out some of the comments from Christians and consider the language and tone used. Do you think these comments help or hurt Christians when talking about their faith?

2) What are some ways Christians can share their faith without causing those who don't believe to shut them out in anger?

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