Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hot Topic: Best Soap Scents

From H:
I have nary a political or controversial thought in my head today. Rather, we'll move on to the blather side of H-n-T by discussing something even more pressing: What are the best hand soaps out there?

Let's define "best" by the following criteria: 1) scent-sational fragrance; 2) cost-effectivity; and 3) improvement of the skin's condition (or, at the very least, the product must leave the skin intact!).

And why is this such a hot topic for me? My husband washes his hands frequently enough to peak the interest of his co-workers. In other words, he washes his hands after using the restroom and before eating. Which, at his nearly all-male office, makes him a freak of nature. One co-worker laughingly suggested he may have obsessive compulsive disorder.

From my point of view, my husband's handwashing can mean only one thing: He has good personal hygiene. And his co-workers are a bunch of dirty-poos.

At home, he's always been content with a bar of Lever 2000 to clean up. But this Christmas, we received two bottles of Bath and Body Works hand soap, one antibacterial deep cleansing, one antibacterial moisturizing, both in Cucumber Melon scent. Now that my husband's experienced real hand soap, bar soap will never be adequate again.

Do tell:
1) List your favorite hand soaps. Where do you buy them, and how much do they cost?

2) Which scents do you like best? Of your favorites, which scents seem more masculine, which seem more feminine, and which seem unisex?


Stephanie said...

I'm not sure there is a masculine hand-soap scent out there. The closest I could think would be the traditional soap smell. All the scents I have come across are either flowery or fruity, and neither of those really strike me as "masculine". The arena of exotic aroma is dominated by the feminine mystique.

Judy said...

Cucumber melon is probably my favorite scent, as it doesn't aggrivate my highly sensitive allegies to most scented things. I'm too cheap to by that stuff, good ole Irish spring is good enough for me, but if that's probably one of the few scents I wouldn't re-gift to someone else if I was given it.