Friday, January 13, 2006

Desperate Christianity: NBC's 'The Book of Daniel'

From H:
The Book of Daniel, which airs Fridays on NBC, has drawn ire from Christian watchdog groups. After reading the premise and seeing the show's promo, I can understand why: It looks like a "Christian" Desperate Housewives.

But after reading an article in Time magazine about Daniel, I have a much bigger concern than the show itself. Time asserts that the American Family Association (AFA), a conservative Christian group which has vocally opposed Daniel, hasn't even seen the show:

<< ... [the AFA] charged that the show "mocks Christianity." (Or that at least the promos do; the group had not yet seen, or requested, a screener from NBC.)>>

Christians in positions of power, especially those who position themselves to speak with the media (and thus be voices for the entire church) must arm themselves with 1) biblical truth, and 2) knowledge about the subject they're discussing. If it's true that the AFA hasn't viewed the show, I hope their representatives will watch Daniel. It seems AFA's message about responsible viewing will be diluted if they aren't personally reviewing the material in question.

To ponder:
1) Do you think Christian reviewers and watchdog groups should view TV shows and movies firsthand--even if they already know the piece contains profanity, sexual situations, or violence--before offering their opinions on it?

2) Are Christian characters on TV and in movies true to life? What stereotypes of Christians are frequently used?

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