Friday, January 11, 2008

H-n-T Celebrates Two Years of Blogging

Happy (belated) Blog-iversary,

To celebrate, I've made some small changes to H-n-T's appearance--kind of like the blog gets a new outfit for its birthday! I'm sad to take out some of the site's beautiful bold colors, but the changes will hopefully make the text easier to read. Let me know your thoughts on the blog's new appearance.

Here's a look at another great year for H-n-T:

H-n-T turned 2 on January 8, 2008.

H-n-T had 62 posts in 2007.

According to Site Meter, there were 3363 visits to the blog in 2007--nearly 2000 more than last year.

December 2007 posted a record high, with 526 visits. (This was the first time there were more than 500 visits to H-n-T in a single month.)

To see the topics readers were most interested in on H-n-T, check out "All Roads Lead from Google (to H-n-T)."

Holly chose “Can a Diverse Church Be Unified?” as her favorite post of 2007. What was your favorite post this year? Post your comments here, or e-mail Holly at

Many thanks to everyone who read, pondered, commented, and forwarded posts on H-n-T in 2007!

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