Friday, December 28, 2007

All Roads Lead from Google (to H-n-T)

Have you checked out the 2007 Google zeitgeist? It's a report on the most popular Google searches for the year.

Makes me happy to know folks are still interested in God: On Google's "Who is ... " list (people typed in the words "who is" followed by a name or other word), God took the top spot. Jesus ranked No. 4. Satan was No. 10.

I've put together my own little list of Google searches that led to H-n-T. My methodology for compiling the list was pretty simplistic: What were some popular searches I remember seeing on my Site Meter data?

Some of the top Google searches that led to H-n-T:

Miraculous healings

The Secret versus The Bible

Secular songs for worship

Bible verses on physical fitness

Prosperity according to the Bible

Other interesting Google searches that led to H-n-T:

Why do some people have a harder life than others?

Can you worship God in the wrong way?

Christians are arrogant.

Can a good Christian watch TV?

Is God in control of our lives?

To ponder:
1) Consider the first group of popular searches. Why do you think people were motivated to search for these topics? (For example, maybe people searched for "secular songs for worship" because they thought those songs might attract visitors to their church, or perhaps they wanted to worship God in a new way, or ... )

2) Consider the second group of searches. How would you respond to the questions? How would you respond to the statement, "Christians are arrogant"?

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