Monday, December 11, 2006

EPA Member, Ordinaire

Maybe you noticed my new little logo. I've joined the EPA.

I'm now a full-fledged Associate Member of the Evangelical Press Association. (And you thought I got a job with the Environmental Protection Agency!) What does that mean? Basically, I've confirmed I agree with the EPA's Code of Ethics and Statement of Faith.

But what does it really mean to me? I've often wondered about my own affiliations and the labels I give myself--and why others do the same. Why do we register with political parties? Why do we join churches? Why do we get certificates when we complete schooling or an educational program? Why do we take on the titles "husband" and "wife" when we marry? Do pieces of paper, affiliations and titles change who we are?

For me, my affiliations and labels don't change my thinking; rather, they focus me on what's already there. They're personal reminders of my priorities. Their symbolism is meaningful to me. So I've put the EPA logo right smack in front of my face, where I'll see it every time I'm working on this blog. It will remind me of my commitment to God to use the writing abilities he gave me as best as I can. That little logo is a great visual tool for me.

Nope, I didn't get any smarter or better equipped. I didn't gain any extra expertise. I wasn't recognized for passing a test or reaching a benchmark.

I just got a little more committed.

To ponder:
1) What are some of your affiliations? What labels do you give yourself?

2) Why did you choose these affiliations/labels? Why are they important to you?

3) Do you affiliate or label yourself more for the benefit of others, or for yourself?

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