Thursday, March 02, 2006

Look Who's Come to California: Portillo's!

From H:
Portillo's has its first location outside of Illinois ... in Buena Park, California!

(Not altogether surprising, there is a "California menu," which basically consists of the same food at higher prices. And I thought that only happened in Hawaii.)

I was just telling some folks how I missed Chicago dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. If we can just get a Buona Beef, a Potbelly, and (please please please!) a Papa Murphy's in SoCal, ah ... life would be a dream.

An OC Weekly review of Portillo's (they named it one of the best new restaurants of 2005):

*You'll need to cut and paste the link--sorry, it's one of those temporary ones.


Teeriffic said...

This, H, is very good news. I recommend the chocolate cake, of course. On the other hand, I do *not* recommend the strawberry shortcake. Blecch!

Holly said...

I always liked the chocolate cake, and it was pretty cheap, too (in comparison to the $6 desserts at most restaurants). I've never had their strawberry shortcake, and with a warning like that, I never will. :)

Teeriffic said...

Yeah. I am a connoisseur of (strawberry short)cake, and that is among the least-enjoyable I've had. Again I say, "Blecch!"