Thursday, May 08, 2008

What Would Jesus Donate?

I came down with strep this week, so you'll have to pardon the cheesy post title ("What Would Jesus Donate?"). At least, I can only assume it's cheesy since I've taken four Advils (doctors orders), and at the moment, every word I type seems inspired. Erudite. Shakespearean, even. Which can't be true.

In any case, I momentarily feel fabulous and life seems grand. (Someone should call my accountability partner and have her make sure I'm not still taking four Advils next week.)

Getting sick is a good reminder of how awful it is to be sick. I've been trying to prevent the pain of illness for others by not touching doorknobs and by washing my hands every five seconds. (OK, not literally five, but close enough. Remember, I'm on Advil--time and space have no meaning.) Pain, bad. This week, I discovered a FREE way to alleviate the pain of others ... well, it's free for the next eight days.

Tara Tierney, a gal from the National Marrow Donor Program, has asked me to post the link to on my blog. (Lookee that, I just posted it!) And she asked me to tell you something about how it's a national registry that matches up marrow donors with patients. Something about how you could save a life. And something about how it usually costs $52 to register (to cover the cost of the test that types your marrow), but thanks to a generous donation, it's FREE ... for the moment. So act quickly.

At least, I think Tara wrote something like that. I only half read her email because the words were dancing the tango on the page. Again, the Advil.

To make sure, you might check out yourself. I plan to register, since I can't resist anything that's free. Saving a life for free is way cool. But I plan to wait until I'm strep-less; nobody wants anything out of my body until I'm germ-free. Free is good.

I'm going to make sleepy now, until it's time to take more Advil. You go look at the linky.

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