Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Secret Life of Holly Vicente Robaina, AKA "H"

H-n-T has hit the big 5-0! Fifty posts, that is.

To celebrate, I'd like to reveal my true identity. My name is Holly Vicente Robaina. I've been a professional writer since 1995, and have been writing for Christian publications for four years. I served on the staffs of Campus Life and Today's Christian Woman magazines. Currently, I'm a regular contributor for Today's Christian Woman, and I freelance for several print and online publications. I've recently had pieces in Today's Christian (formerly Christian Reader), Christianity Today online, Campus Life, and Adventist Review online.

I'm launching a companion site to H-n-T with links to stuff I've written. It's a passive site, meaning it will just offer information about past articles. H-n-T will remain an active place where we can dialog about faith.

And who is T, AKA Teeriffic? That shall remain the great secret.

1 comment:

Teeriffic said...

Aaack! I can't believe you've gone public! Well, this gal's maintaining the mystery . . .(Insert maniacal laughter here)