Monday, April 03, 2006

'God or the Girl' Airs Easter Sunday

From its title, there was speculation A&E's new reality series would be "Temptation Island" for Catholics.

Rather, "God or the Girl" follows four young men who are trying to decide whether to become priests. All of the men have girlfriends, and the show is said to explore their struggle between moving toward the priesthood or toward married life.

I'm not Catholic, but the show's title does elicit an eye roll.
Or two. Early on, speculation arose that "God or the Girl" would show candidates for the priesthood being tempted by the opposite sex (several episodes have since been released to the media, proving this notion false ... so far). Neither A&E or the show's creator, The Idea Factory, made any attempt to diffuse those initial rumors.

And, by premiering the show on April 16, Easter Sunday, the network apparently is enjoying the controversy.

Would-Be Priests Choose 'God or the Girl' on TV,
Sort Of

Casting Call for Seekers: Producers at The Idea Factory have created a new cable series, "Conversion," which will follow participants as they change religions or join one for the first time.

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