Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Casting Call for Seekers

From H:
Calling all soon-to-be converts. Producers at The Idea Factory have created a new cable series, Conversion, which will follow participants as they change religions or join one for the first time.

On their website, its producers have definitively defined their program: It's NOT a reality TV show, but rather a documentary series ... unscripted ... where participants are compensated for their appearance.

Um, right.

(BTW, The Idea Factory also is the brainchild behind God or the Girl, a reality series to air on A&E later this year, in which candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood are tempted by the opposite sex.)

I admit I'll probably be watching Conversion (while it hasn't been announced which network will carry it, all signs point to A&E). If I sound a bit miffed, it's just because I secretly wish the show had come along earlier. I could've given them at least 10 good years of seeker footage.

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