Saturday, April 12, 2008

Please Pray ...

Dear H-n-T readers:

I want to share burden I have with you: I found out several friends lost their jobs in the recent downsizing of Los Angeles Newspaper Group (LANG) publications.

Please pray for my friends Gina, Marc, and Walter.

I don't know the exact count, but perhaps 70 people from LANG publications lost their jobs within the last few weeks. Other than the Los Angeles Times, LANG owns pretty much every newspaper in Southern California and the company has a hiring freeze right now. The folks who are out of work are really struggling to find available positions.

I worked at a LANG publication, The Daily Bulletin, in the late 90s. It breaks my heart to see amazingly talented reporters and photographers, who already work for breadcrumbs, struggling this way. Additionally, since LANG isn't rehiring anytime soon, the employees that are still there are under tremendous stress, some doing the job of two or three people without any extra compensation. This is an industry where addiction is common, and it's not unusual for journalists to die young.

Please pray for all who've lost their jobs and for those still working at the newspapers.


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