Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where's Holly???

Yes, indeedy--I disappeared for a whole month! I can hardly believe it myself

I am alive and well. I've been off having some adventures: I played paintball for the first time with one of my gal pals. (Ouch. Two scars.) Spent a weekend at a
monastery. Viewed some of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

During Thanksgiving weekend, I played the just-released Rock Band "virtual reality" video game. (Yes, I tried all the instruments--guitar, bass, drums, and microphone. Yes, I do rock.) And I managed to win the first-ever Vicente family poker "tournament," consisting of my parents, brother, sister, husband and me. I psyched out my opponents by clinking my chips together for the entire game, and badly singing Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." (In truth, I think I just annoyed everyone away from the table.)

In between, I managed to get accepted to Biola University's master's in Christian Apologetics program. (No, I won't be the oldest student there.) The program offers direction on how to defend the Christian faith. I'll be taking biblical history classes, perhaps an archaeology class, and definitely a bunch of philosophy-type courses. The latter will address such scintillating questions as, "If God is real and is good, why does evil exist?" I'm tremendously excited, and will keep you posted on the cool stuff I learn.

I haven't forgotten about H-n-T; in fact, I have notes on about 10 topics I'm itching to write just for this blog. In a couple days, I'll post the link to my latest Today's Christian Woman entry. In it, several friends offer responses to this question: "What do you find most problematic or annoying about today's Christian church?" You won't wanna miss it.

Until then, above is a link to fabulous piece about anger. I'm posting it, ironically, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. First, I'm learning I can't be grateful when I'm feeling entitled to anger. And second, I'm personally thankful for all the good words God has given to others that help me learn and grow. Thank you, God, for all the good words in my life!


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