Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Letting Go of Anger: Why So Hard?

"... the problem is that anger is so exciting, so enlivening, that forgiveness can seem like a limp surrender. If you have ever cherished a resentment, you know how right it can make you feel to have someone in the world whom you believe is all wrong. You may not be up to admitting it yet, but one of the great benefits of having an enemy is that you get to look good by comparison. It also helps to have someone to blame for why your life is not turning out the way it was supposed to."

--Barbara Brown Taylor, in Gospel Medicine (Cowley Publications). In 1995, Baylor University named her one of the 12 most effective preachers in the English-speaking world.

Why We Love This Deadly Sin

From Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

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