Sunday, January 08, 2006

H & T hit the town!

Hi T,

So's I was thinking ... how can we stay in touch better this year? Sadly, you have a flaky friend in me. I never return your calls. I never send you letters or photos. But I do usually return your e-mails, and the conversations we get in to can result in high hilarity.

So what better way than to take our act live on the Internet?

Perhaps we will inspire other buddies to do the same.

Sincerely and dearly,


LaTonya said...

Whoops! I deleted that. What I meant to say was: "Yeeeeah! Let's take it Liiiiiive!"

Anonymous said...

HI Holly
I have never been a part of a blog...
but i like the idea and appreciate you taking the time to set it up!

Jane Kowalski

Anonymous said...

Thanks for forwarding your blog link, I'll be checking it every so often.

You and everyone else on earth has convinced me to get my own blog. Hope I'm as faithful about it as you are.