Sunday, January 04, 2009

H-n-T Celebrates Three Years of Blogging

Happy Blog-iversary, H-n-T!

Here's a look at another great year for

H-n-T turns 3 on January 8, 2009.

H-n-T had 52 posts in 2008.

According to Site Meter, there were 8,157 visits to the blog in 2008. (This blows my mind: Site Meter recorded 3,363 visits in 2007, and 1,373 visits in 2006. Thanks, readers, for coming back and telling a friend!)

November 2008 posted a record high, with 860 visits.

Holly chose “Questioning God” as her favorite post of 2008. What was your favorite post this year? Post your comments here, or e-mail Holly at

Hugest thanks to all who read, pondered, commented, and forwarded posts on H-n-T in 2008!


LaTonya said...

Hmm. A fondant-covered cake? Well, to each her own. Happy Birthday, H-n-T. And Holl, way to be such a faithful blogger. I am inspired to reinvigorate my own neglected blog . . .

Holly said...

I've heard fondant is gross. Wouldn't know personally; I can't recall ever tasting it. Anyhoo, the Google images photo nicely represented 3. For the 2-year blogiversary, I had a picture of two slices of a cake that I actually did eat: a guava chiffon cake from Kings Hawaiian bakery (of Kings Hawaiian rolls) that some friends got for my b-day. For the 1-year, the photo was line art with one candle.

I'm thinking the four year photo will be tough. Maybe I can order a cake in the shape of a 4 from Tawn Taylor Bakery ...