Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage & Homosexuality

Holly's latest blog entry on Today's Christian Woman magazine's website is now up:

Redefining Marriage
“For better or worse” is taking a turn for the worse.

Additionally, I'm posting a paper on homosexuality that I wrote for my ethics class. Here's the assignment I wrote on:

You are counseling a person who is new to your ministry about their struggles with their sexual orientation. They want to know what you think the Bible teaches about the subject. How would you approach them pastorally as well as morally? Since it is unclear where they are spiritually, you sense the need to also frame the position with reasons that are independent of Biblical teaching. How would you do that?

In summary, how would you defend your understanding of a Biblical position on this issue to someone who shares at least a cursory respect for the authority of Scripture. Then how might you begin to articulate this position for the non-religious person?

To view the paper full screen, click the button on the top far right of the Scribd window.

Read this document on Scribd: homosexuality PDF

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jrichesin said...

Holly, I really love what you have to say on this subject. I always follow your blog on Todays Christian Woman . I especially loved the article you wrote about being green. For others, if you haven't read it, check it out here.